Tales from the Zoo was created by a small team at the Zoo Art Studio. Have are passionate about being creative. Everything we create, we create for you. Which is why we will be posting not only our works or projects, but also plenty of tutorials, reviews, and thoughts associated with the widely understood modeling and battle games. If we do something, we do it with dedication and excitement – so expect some exceptional materials in every inch.

Like every bear – loon and taciturn. He doesn’t like crowds of people and he would rather they disappeared. He loves his cave and the only time he goes out is when he goes hunting – as we all know, bears do like to eat. As a modeler, he has been into creating models for the past 3 years and he specializes in dioramas and terrains. He hates NMM and sugary glitz, but loves brutal scenes and gallons of gore. He sets very high expectations for both himself and others – the final effect has to be astonishing. Beware of the bear! Or he will bite off your hand.

The lively and cheerful Doe, the quintessence of playfulness in the meadows around a cave bear. By nature, helpful and persistent. Interested in painting miniatures, sometimes out of boredom. A graphic designer by profession. After having watched Bear for a long time, she finally picked up the brush and started painting herself. Then she said: „This is so horribly small!”. And then she painted a figure, so that the jaws of all haters and grumblers went slack. From now on, each successive figure painted by Doe is better than the previous one. She’s an expert in freehands and chiaroscuro. Every piece of her work must be perfect.